The Student Organization Fair gives students the opportunity to explore nearly 900 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus. Student orgs are a fantastic way to get involved, meet new people and explore your passions or find some new ones.

In the past, the fair was held at the beginning of each semester at the Kohl Center. But, COVID-19 has made this impossible and the event will take place online in a live virtual format Wednesday, Feb. 3rd from 6:00-8:00 pm CST, hosted by the Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN).

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“Organizations participating are searchable by name and category and will have a virtual meeting room where attendees can connect with representatives from the RSO to chat about the org,” The WIN page states.

“Students are encouraged to use WIN to explore RSO information outside of this time as well. Each RSO page in WIN has detailed information about the group, as well as links to additional connection opportunities (websites, social media, calendars, photos, etc.),” The WIN page states.

You can also sign in on the WIN page with your UW login to RSVP for the event.

The breadth of organizations is incredible. You can join clubs focusing on your area of study, such as the Advertising Club or the Catalysts for Science Policy. You can also join fun clubs like the Badger Cheese Club, whose purpose is to discuss and learn about artisan cheeses.

If by some chance you cannot find a club you are interested in, there is a process for forming your own student organization.

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There are so many benefits to joining a student organization, especially for freshmen who are in the process of meeting new people sharing a similar interests. They are a great opportunity to hang out with friends and take your mind off schoolwork for a few hours.

Be sure to check out the extensive list of organizations at the virtual fair and use contacts to chat with representatives from organizations you might be interested in.