‘Fair and Balanced,’ ‘The Irishman’ expected to make waves at future awards ceremonies

Scorsese, Roach to bring enthralling pictures later in year

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Hollywood’s biggest night came and went in grand fashion as it does every year. The winners were announced, some were well-deserved while others were subject to controversy and debate. People form their own opinions and thus there is always disagreement over the winners and losers. Nothing changes. One thing I think we can all agree on, however, is that we love anticipating which movies are destined for Oscar recognition and glory.

Without further ado, here is the next round of our way too early Oscar predictions.

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“Fair and Balanced” (Lionsgate, Expected December 20)

Emmy-winning Director Jay Roach and Oscar-winning writer Charles Randolph (“The Big Short”) have come together to deliver a film dramatizing the women who decided to take on Fox News boss Roger Ailes and the toxic male culture at the network.

Extremely relevant and clearly enticing to some of the best actresses in the game, the film stars Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, Allison Janney and Kate McKinnon, with John Lithgow starring as Roger Ailes.

Look for this movie to make a strong statement and waves upon its release. The film could find itself all over the 2020 Oscars if executed well enough.

“The Irishman” (Netflix, 2019)

Buckle. Up. The legendary Director Martin Scorsese is back with another feature, throwing in his name for Oscar race. But wait, this is not just another Scorsese film. This time he is back with the man he made it big with so many years ago.

I am talking about the one and only Robert De Niro, of course, though De Niro is not the only legend in this cast. In fact, Scorsese has brought the band back together with Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. Starring alongside this big three is Oscar winner Anna Paquin as Peggy Sheeran, the daughter of Frank Sheeran, De Niro’s character. Oscar winning writer Steven Zaillian is at the helm of this script, adapted from a Charles Brandt book.

“The Irishman” is biopic crime film about mobster hitman Frank Sheeran’s possible involvement in the death of Jimmy Hoffa. Al Pacino plays Hoffa. Just because they are a little older does not mean they cannot produce prime work. Look for

“The Irishman” to make a cannonball-sized splash at the Oscars.

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“Queen & Slim” (Universal Pictures, Expected November 27)

Daniel Kaluuya is quickly becoming a household name and one of the most sought out actors after his breakout Oscar-nominated performance in “Get Out.” He followed that with supporting rolls in “Black Panther” and “Widows.” In the latter, he showed off his range – portraying a terrifying, intimidating, no-nonsense character.

Now, he stars alongside Jodie Turner-Smith in Director Melina Matsoukas’s first feature length movie about a black couple whose first date goes awry after a police officer pulls them over. You get the feeling this movie might take place over the course of one night and should give the actors plenty of time to shine in what seems to be an engrossing and realistic tale. Kaluuya might just find himself back in that best actor category and the film appears to have a recipe for a best picture nomination.


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