Maybe you signed the petition begging for class off this Wednesday. Maybe you told Becky how you really felt about walking in negative 50-degree windchill on Twitter. Regardless, you got what you asked for and the University of Wisconsin will be closed all of Wednesday and until Thursday at noon.

Now that you have that free time to sleep in and do nothing all day, it’s important to use your time effectively. You can finally finish (and start and finish and repeat) all those Netflix and Hulu shows you didn’t get to over winter break.

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Netflix is brimming with possibilities, but finding the next best show for you may be a struggle, especially if you’ve watched “The Office,” along with “Friends” only about five times each and don’t know where to go next.

Netflix’s “Sex Education” is a comedy almost anyone can get down to. It discusses teenage sexuality and the struggle of not being happy with your sex life. The main character, an awkward outsider named Otis, teams up with outcast Maeve to help high schoolers navigate the ups and downs of sex and relationships using the knowledge he has learned from his mother who works as a sex therapist.

If mystery is more your speed, check out “Broadchurch.” With only eight episodes, you’re sure to finish it in one sitting. The series features a talented investigator who’s tasked with solving the murder of an 11-year-old boy. The show has a series of plot twists too, so you can basically count this as homework for your criminal studies class.

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Even if you’ve gotten your fill of Netflix, Hulu offers a variety of shows and movies. They have classics like “The Twilight Zone” and the beloved “Seinfeld,” but also newer shows like “Younger,” which only aired in 2015.

“Younger” is a show about book publishing and the drama that accompanies the industry. Between lies, scandals and love triangles, this show will keep you hooked and preoccupied from the winter cold.

After you finish these shows, there is always more to dive into. Try a documentary to keep some of the brain cells active, or maybe a new genre of film you haven’t watched before. And if this still won’t curb your TV hunger, “The Office” and “Friends” won’t have gone far.