With Whethan’s latest headline tour coming to a close, he is expected to release his debut EP Life of a Wallflower Vol. 1 Friday.

Known as the 19-year-old DJ and future bass music producer from Chicago — he has been making way for himself in the electronic music scene over the last few years, even recognized by prominent names in the genre such as Skrillex and Flux Pavilion.

Whethan has worked with a variety of artists during his career, incorporating vocals from singers like Dua Lipa, Charli XCX and his latest collaborations with Tom Morello and Portugal. The Man, who led the producer to a live performance on Jimmy Kimmel following the single’s release in October.

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For those who do not know Whethan exclusively from his music, others may recall his 2018 Coachella performance where he brought Twitter sensation yodel boy, Mason Ramsey, out on stage during his set making history as two of the youngest performers the festival stage has yet to see.

With hit singles “Superlove” featuring Oh Wonder, “Good Nights” featuring Mascolo and “Be Like You” featuring Broods, the eight-song tracklist provides a diverse set of singers and sounds for fans to decide which tracks are their favorites.

Whethan’s most recently released music video “Radar” featuring HONNE presents a comedic, yet youthful mood that allows viewers to understand the song a bit more, or maybe less, leaving the meaning up to interpretation.

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Feelings of intense energy emit throughout each track on the EP allowing hard-hitting bass paired with light lyrics to make listeners want to get up and groove wherever they are at any given moment.

If the goal of Whethan’s music is to spread love and encourage others to do the same, listeners will certainly feel a deeper connection to something or someone.

Life of a Wallflower Vol. 1 serves vibes that will make listeners feel more alive — ready to take on whatever obstacles they may come across. The EP will be available on all major platforms to stream or purchase.