Hump Day: Keep hookups fun, efficient during study breaks

Tips for leaving both participants of quickie satisfied in between classes

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In an ideal world, every satisfactory sexual encounter would be able to last for days on end, with no worry about wake-up calls or important meetings to shuffle off to. Alas, this is not the case. Exams and labs haunt us all throughout the last month of the semester, necessitating most hookups to be short ones.

Brevity does not limit one to mediocre hookups, however. More fun can be found in an invigorated 5-minute session than a droll and mediocre sex marathon. Use these tips to help you and your partner of choice have a fulfilling experience in a pinch.

Don’t Fast Forward Over Foreplay

There’s a basic anatomy to a hook-up. The first step is always banter, then physical foreplay, followed by the main sexual act and then concluded with some form of post-climatic cuddles. When shortening a hook-up, none of these segments can be overlooked if you want to keep both parties satisfied. Instead, shorten each portion to fit into your allotted time frame.

Keep up speed to carry momentum through each portion, but do not bypass one to try to reach the finish line. It will make it harder than expected to end the experience within the amount of time established and leave each side frustrated that the end could not be reached. Exchange a dirty joke or two beforehand and make sure to at least run your fingers over each erogenous zone before doing the dirty.

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Don’t Hold Back

There isn’t any time to be tepid when you’re in the midst of a hook-up and you have to get to class in 15 minutes. Put yourself out there and be bold in your moves. Instead of an awkward shoulder brush to begin a hook-up, turn that initial contact into an assertive embrace for a make-out. Short hookups also are not the times to showcase your stamina. Do what you have to do to get yourself there instead of focusing on being a superhero who lasts for hours. Both you and your partner will appreciate when you are both adequately satisfied instead of looking for solutions to get fulfilled and get your clothes back on before lecture.

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Don’t Follow Your Normal Script

Sometimes if you’re with a partner for long enough, there is a groove that the two of you get used to. This plan is your go-to whenever it’s time to get down. Unfortunately, the same-old-same-old isn’t going to cut it when you only have minutes to make love and will get cut off. Invigorate the session with new approaches to old favorites, perhaps by switching up the order of your go-to positions.

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Don’t Forget to Follow-Up

It’s easy to think a short hook-up indicates disinterest if there is no follow-up. If you had fun in this brief encounter, which is entirely possible with the above tips, make sure to let your partner know afterward. This follow-up ensures that in the future, the fun can continue when the two of you have more time. That 5-minute quickie you had before your quiz can turn into a weekend-long escapade with this simple acknowledgment.

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