Conversation Starter: Jordan Davis talks current tour with Kip Moore, his quick entrance into the music business

Emerging opener to showcase singles at the Orpheum

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The “Plead the Fifth” Tour started Oct. 19 in Ohio with country musician Kip Moore as the headliner and Jordan Davis and Drake White as openers. The tour is titled after the first track on Moore’s newest album, Slowheart.

So far, Davis has released three songs, “Singles You Up,” “Take It From Me” and “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot.”

On Nov. 2, the group will make a stop in Madison at the Orpheum to showcase their set.

The Badger Herald interviewed Davis a few days prior to coming to Madison to hear about his musical career and how the progression of the tour.

The Badger Herald: Tell me about the influence music had on you growing up.

Jordan Davis: I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana, so hunting was a big part of my childhood. I would go hunting with my dad on the weekends and the first time I really remember falling in love with songwriting was going to our deer camp outside of Shreveport. I remember the first time my dad played John Prine, which is an old songwriter. I remember hearing that and thinking that was different than anything I had ever heard and from an early age, I became a big fan of songwriters. I started at John Prime and moved to Kris Kristofferson, Don Williams and Jim Croce. I always say it kind of started with songwriting — I was a fan of the songwriter.

BH: When did you get your break in the music industry?

JD: When I graduated from LSU in 2012, I worked for an environmental job in Baton Rouge and decided that I wasn’t super happy with that. My brother was already in Nashville writing, so I moved up to Nashville. I had the initial plan to sign a publishing deal, hoping to write songs and have other artists record them. I was having some trouble signing one and after about three years bartending at night and writing songs during the day, I just wasn’t having success. I had a bunch of songs that I wanted to be heard, and I really wasn’t getting the platform to do it. Finally, I decided that I was going to be the one singing my songs and it took off from there. Within about four months, I was signing a record deal. It was definitely unexpected, but I am happy that it happened. Definitely super blessed.

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BH: What year did you sign your first record deal?

 JD: Oh my goodness, I think I signed my record deal in 2015. It was all really quick — especially going from three years of bartending to all of the sudden signing a publishing deal and right into a record deal. One of the best things about that is I signed them quickly and then I had time to find my sound. We had a year and a half to two years to find the sound and really work on where we wanted to go with it. It was time well spent, and we really captured exactly what we wanted to do with all of the songs we have put out so far.

BH: What led you to be a part of Kip Moore’s “Plead the Fifth” Tour?

JD: I have been a fan of Kip for a long time and a fan of Drake. I remember the first time I saw them I was actually still in college, which is kind of crazy because now I am right down the hall from both of them before shows. It is just kind of wild. Kip and I are on the same label at Universal MCA — it is just one of those things where you get lucky. I could not have been luckier with them hearing my music and Kip wanting me to be a part of his tour, he gets the last call on all of that and I’m honored that he wanted me to be a part of it. It is a dream spot, being such big fans of those guys. From their songwriting to their live performances and just all around good people, to be out on the road with them, it’s awesome.

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BH: How has the tour been going so far?

 JD: It has been incredible. This last weekend I think we had all three shows sold out and this upcoming weekend I am pretty sure all three shows will sell out. So far the crowds have been unbelievable. One of the best things about it is that Kip’s crowd is so passionate. They know every single word to every single song he sings. They have been so embracing with me too, I only have a few songs out, and they haven’t been out for too long, but I can already see them singing songs back to me. It really is Kip and Drake’s fan base, they are one of the best out there, and it has been a blast. I highly recommend seeing this “Plead the Fifth” Tour before it ends, it’s a hell of a show.


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