Sala Thai Restaurant is a little known restaurant in Madison, but it shouldn’t be.

The restaurant provides diners with an adventure due to its distinct menu, giving patrons the opportunity to unearth vastly different meals with each visit. According to their website, many of their recipes have been passed on orally from generation to generation, and will not be encountered in any regular cookbook, providing the Madison public with a distinctive and thrilling culinary adventure.

Upon arriving for an evening meal, everything is spotless and flawless. Comfortable lighting creates a calm ambience, and the furnishing makes the space feel relaxed and welcoming.

The decorations are unconventional, charming and not excessively eccentric. Overall, the place itself is genuinely lovely, in no small part due to the space having been converted by the owners from a home into a restaurant.

Characteristic to Thai cuisine, the food, also taking influence from other Asian cuisines, is prepared extremely spicy, but with the option to tone it down as specified, in order to save some taste buds. A typical dinner meal might be a bowl of curry, rice, a stir-fried spread, soup and a starter or salad. For midday meals, salads and noodle bowls are suggested. 

A meal to be noted is the the Kao Pad. A vibrant dish, it is a fulfilling dinner, especially with an appetizer beforehand. The meal is a fried rice dish with eggs, onions, soy sauce and a choice of chicken, beef, pork or shrimp. For those who are vegetarians, the menu features meatless options as well.

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Additionally, the Crab Rangoon is unique and flavorful. Made with the conventional ingredients of cream cheese and imitated crab, this appetizer has an onion and garlic powder addition that makes its taste distinctive.

Like the Kao Pad, the serving sizes for the rest of the options are very large. This is an extra bonus for those who enjoy relishing a complete dinner, beginning with salad and soup, entree and dessert.

Another added bonus is that Sala Thai has friendly and genuine service. The servers welcome customers with a grin and respond warmly whenever someone has an inquiry concerning the food options.

The only downsides to the restaurant are its logistics. Different from most restaurants, Sala Thai does not accept credit cards. This has the potential to create an issue as they do not have an ATM.

As well as the lack of an ATM, there is also a lack of parking. If arriving in a car, there are limited parking spaces on the side of the road, situated close to the restaurant. Parking is free, but it would be preferable to arrive on foot.

In conclusion, Sala Thai Restaurant is a quality place to eat with family or friends, where everyone can discover a magnificent meal to select in a welcoming, warm environment.