Wisconsinites have no chill when it comes to springtime because seemingly as soon as the temperature rises above 50 degrees (or freezing, for some) coats disappear and shorts come out.

With warmer weather comes the possibility for serious heat in places inaccessible during the winter. Those who enjoy experiencing nature with a sweetheart may find that activities other than hiking make their heart pound. Something about embracing a lover underneath the stars or hearing nothing but wind and the sound of their breathing produces a special sort of romance.

Whether summer finds one backwoods camping, visiting music festivals or staying in the backyard, experiencing sexual intimacy out of doors adds a certain thrill. But the hottest season also offers some challenges to sex. For one, getting butt-naked in nature offers bugs access to particularly tender places. Bug spray can be effective, but tastes unpleasant when going to town on one another. Consider using a mosquito net, citronella candles or both to keep insects out.

In addition, summer months reach peak temperatures not always conducive to skin-on-skin contact. Sweaty, steamy sex can be hot, but it can also be uncomfortable and stifling. Introducing ice cubes to a sexy summer day can cool everyone down just enough to get hot and heavy. Normally mild body odors intensify during this season as well, but showering together offers a simple, enticing solution.

As always stay well hydrated — not only because it’s healthy, but it facilitates better natural lubrication and better-tasting fluids.

Sex on the beach

Many beachgoers too find themselves attracted to the idea of getting down and dirty in the sound, but beach sex is far more trouble than one might expect. Firstly, most beaches are incredibly open, putting partners at risk of exposing themselves to innocent beachgoers without consent. Secondly, beaches dehydrate folks very quickly. The combination of saltwater, sand and the hot sun (or sunburn) limit ability to naturally lubricate.

If beach sex is irresistible, bring plenty of water-based lubricant, sunscreen, water and condoms. Never apply sunscreen to the bikini area, since it can cause urethral or vaginal irritation. Be sure to lay down a large blanket or towel, since sand can irritate sensitive tissues on the genitals. Wear clothes that can easily be pushed aside or over for proper coverage, such as snap-open swimming trunks or a sarong. Wait until after darkness falls to limit chances of disturbing others or being caught.

Humping in a hammock


Canoodling in a gently swinging hammock is soothing and versatile — portable or two-person hammocks can hang anywhere and use breathable, easy-to-clean material. They facilitate closeness; the Mayans even came up with 19 different ways to hook up in a hammock. Despite plentiful options, the easiest positions for hammock sex tend to be face-to-face, such as missionary or cowgirl. Sixty-nine also offers pleasurable possibilities and compactness preferred for having sex in a hammock.

Balancing and maintaining rhythm, however, can be challenging for partners. One hammock-happy camp counselor recommended bracing against the ground with an arm or leg to prevent the swinging from getting out of control.

Rather than attempting to control the rate of the hammock’s swinging, try to go with the flow and rock together. While the bottom partner braces their legs against the ground, the top partner can follow the hammock’s rhythm, leading to slow, steamy sex. Do be cautious with height just in case the hammock does slip and fall.

Tantalizing tent action

Camping together bonds partners; the entire experience requires teamwork and cooperation. After a full day on the campground, nothing feels better than returning to a dark tent and crawling into sleeping bags together. Since tents tend to be small, flat positions such as missionary or spooning work best. Another frequent camper recommends using a “sex towel” to minimize mess and preventing sleeping bags from getting “gooey.”

Partaking in condom usage also helps decrease spillage, but be sure to dispose of them in a safe, environmentally-friendly fashion.

The deep darkness out in nature creates unique sensuality, but keep a flashlight nearby just in case. Crowded campgrounds mean neighbors can likely hear one another through thin tent walls. But staying quiet can easily become a sexy game, as well.

Enjoy your summer, Badgers — after all, there are only so many days of vacation to make Hump Day proud.