Low Pros EP 1 comes from Fools Gold founder/DJ/producer A-Trak and labelmate/producer Lex Luger. The EP blends a unique mixture of trap beats, classic hip-hop features from both legendary and rising stars and a slight EDM undertone that permeates every track.

This EP comes at a unique time in hip-hop and further perpetuates a trend in the genre: the rise of the mega-producer and the fusion of hard-hitting, trap/EDM beats with the equally hard-hitting lyricism of hip-hop.

While hip-hop has had a long history of bass-rocking tracks, the new era of hip-hop places importance on those behind-the-scenes, the producers and DJs, who now get more of the spotlight and play an important role in the sustainability of a track.

The duo of A-Trak and Luger (the latter may ring a bell due to his longtime association with Waka Flocka Flame) make for a powerhouse combination on this EP. The release also boasts features from legendary spitter Juvenile and up-and-comers Young Thug and ASAP Ferg.

Each song on the EP is amazing because the group of tracks is like a buffet for hip-hop fans: You can pick and choose your favorite artists and hear them spit bars over absolutely stunning beats. But the EP also comes with a dose of instrumentals for those who want to transcend lyricism. The track “Ohmygosh” features minimal lyrics and focuses solely on the raw talent of the producers.

In an era where most of what makes a song a hit is the beat, the fact that A-Trak and Lex Luger are able to not only release a hip-hop EP, but also able to pull in variety of artists to help their project attests to the power that producers have in today’s hip-hop landscape.

Low Pros EP 1 delivers in its lyrical content, but the real treat is within the beats. Give it a listen, and prepare to be swept up in one of the most common trends in hip-hop. It’s a trend that’s not going to fade away anytime soon.