Young Roddy may not be a familiar name, but the young rapper is signed onto Curren$y’s Jet Life label and has a list of mixtapes he has done including a couple of collaborations with Curren$y himself. And he’s got a new mixtape out, Route the Ruler.

Route the Ruler ebbs and flows between a variety of hip-hop styles. Those who seek a more laidback beat and rhythm in their music will enjoy tracks like “Chain Smoke” and “Loyalty.” Those who enjoy more hard-hitting hip-hop with forceful lyrics will be delighted with tracks such as “Charge it to the Game” and “Baby.”

Young Roddy has a unique sound, as his higher-pitched voice combines with his at times quick but other times deliberately slow lyrical flow. This allows him to make certain hooks catchier, while at times emphasizing certain bars over others.

The uniqueness of Roddy can be seen by his past and present. While his personal flow and beat selection are somewhat similar to Curren$y’s, it all stems from unique sound that only the South has to offer.

What is great about this mixtape is the fusion of style, sound and content that Roddy is able to bring together. It is a bit jarring at first to hear such serious topics paired with such relaxing sounds, but in an era where many “hard” rappers have to match their intensity with bass-thumping, overpowering beats, Roddy takes a refreshingly different approach to depicting his life on the streets.

Young Roddy is almost completely off the grid, except for his affiliation with Curren$y and the Jet Life label. Watch out for this young dude in the future, because he certainly has a solid foundation of fans. His moment to shine will come sooner than later.