Scroll down for a version of this article written in Chinese characters.

We’re reaching the end of the Chinese calendar, and Chinese New Year is on its way. Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is the most important occasion in China. During this time, people put their work aside, go back to their hometowns and enjoy a reunion with their families.

To console Chinese students who cannot celebrate this big day with their families, and to provide all students an opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture, Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) is holding a FREE Chinese New Year Gala in the Overture Center this Friday at 7:30 p.m.

Organizers of the event were selected by CSSA through a strict and competitive process. All of the directors have experience directing and organizing big events. Planning the show was open to everyone on campus, and many students offered their amazing ideas and took part in auditions for the show. After three months of rehearsal, the team is ready to give the whole Madison community a fabulous night. According to Jiaqi Liu, one of the directors, there will be many excellent and interesting acts, ranging from dancing, singing, a cappella, Chinese traditional crosstalk, comic skits, traditional Chinese instruments and even a magic show.

New for this year is CSSA’s invitation to the Madison-based Saaz Indian Music Group, the African Student Association dance group and Bellydancing UW to capture the diversity of many cultures on campus. CSSA invites everyone to join them in this entertainment, to sing, dance together and enjoy a night of merriment.

Doors open at the Overture at 7 p.m.


为了抚慰中国游子不能与家人团聚的遗憾,为了向所有学生提供一个文化交流的机会。中国学生学者联合会(CSSA)将于本周五晚(01/31) 7:30 在 Overture Center 为大家倾情奉上一场盛大的春节联欢晚会。
严格筛选的导演阵容,面向全体中国留学生的创意收集,历时三个月的辛苦排练,这个团队已蓄势待发!!据导演刘佳齐的介绍,此次春晚不仅有舞蹈,歌唱,小品,相声,乐器表演,无伴奏合唱,魔术等经典节目,CSSA更是邀请了来自印度的SAAZ乐团,校非洲学生舞蹈协会,肚皮舞社团为我们带来新的文化的洗礼,美的享受。CSSA在此邀请您加入这个盛会,一起创造一个难忘的除夕之夜!锁定周五晚Overture Center, 我们不见不散!