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Making Better Decisions in 2011


One could argue sex is always in, no matter what the calendar looks like, but according to our sex gurus, Nicolette and Rachel, there are indeed a few spicy new trends for the bedroom and beyond to incorporate into your 2011 sexcapades.

Out: Sexting


Getting caught sexting is not the greatest feeling in the world – just ask Brett Favre – not to mention, it’s kind of lazy… Get off your iPhone and Skype already! You can actually see your friend(s) and not be limited to the 160 character texts that your phone can send. You can even use both hands to play with yourself instead of wearing out your thumb. Or better yet, get off the couch and visit your friend in person. Then the lube can stay on your bodies and not spread all over the keys.

In: Anal Sex!

Turned on by Sasha Grey in “Entourage”? The raven-hair beauty with a proclivity for taking it in the back door? She’s our 2011 inspiration for making anal sex your go-to move! And while sex in the booty can be fantastic for many women, men can find the activity mind blowing as well, as the male g-spot is in the anus. Grab that strap-on, or a polyurethane glove on with lots of lube and play away! Remember to wrap it up and use one condom per hole, per partner. And while you’re at it, why not check out Ms. Grey in one of her highly acclaimed skin flicks on


Out: Jeggings (jean leggings)

It seemed like the perfect marriage. Let’s face it, we all appreciate the versatility of leggings and admittedly hold a special place in our hearts for our favorite pair of classic Levi’s, but combining the two to produce the monster that is “jeggings” is one of those colossal fashion mistakes on par with reviving the shoulder pad trend. It’s an innovative thought, but poorly executed. Jeans are tight enough without a hefty dose of spandex hugging every curvature of your derriere. Despite Tim Gunn’s approval and Conan’s recent endorsement of meggings (man leggings), leggings are leggings; jeans are jeans. Keep the two separate.

In: ’70s funk

The ’70s are back. Although faithful viewers of “Mad Men” already fell back in love with the retro chic of the ’60s, it’s time we all catch up and fast forward to the next era facing Don Draper and his pool of darling secretaries. We’ve dubbed this the year to resurrect fashion flower power. Think “Brady Bunch” with a 2011 modern spin, meaning oversized plaid, a minimalist style and neon colors. The best part? Rejoice at the fact jeggings do not have a place in your closet (or Conan’s) anymore.


Out: Biebs

We know this is a tough one, so we’ll ease you into it. Although we hate to admit it, we’ve enjoyed a Bieber tune from time to time in the arts corner, but recent revelations have forced us to repel the thought that he is indeed a “musician” to be taken seriously in 2011. As if his upcoming MTV film release “Never Say Never” (a documentary about just how awesome his life is) wasn’t enough, he’s cornered, among other brand campaigns, the Silly Bandz market, trading cards, perfectly coiffed helmet hair, and perhaps most dangerous of all, the romantically brainwashed minds of listeners all over the globe. Although it pains me to suggest a fellow Canadian is no longer welcome in 2011, it’s undeniable his faux heartbreak tween crooning and collaborations with role-model Usher cannot follow us into the new year. Maybe we’ll revisit the validity of his singing talent after the big ‘P’ hits.

In: New releases from favorite artists

Take a deep breath, clear out your iPod and prepare to have your music mind blown because 2011 marks the return of some brilliant powerhouses. There was some drooling in the arts corner when we discovered The Strokes, The Decemberists and poetic troubadours Iron and Wine will soon be filling our ears with the musical sustenance we’ve been starving for. But in case that list doesn’t have you geeking out, Miss Spears and the fame monster that dethroned her, Lady Gaga, both have confirmed their new albums will be released in 2011. Gear up little monsters, shit’s about to get real.


In: Sometimes the weirdest concept for a movie ends up winning hearts (Toys coming to life, how novel!) and yet a film anticipated to be entirely great (Harrison Ford’s latest Indiana Jones installment) can end up leaving you in the dust. For 2011’s “in” film, we designate “The Hangover 2” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.” Yes both are sequels, always culprits of keeping movie-goers in suspense for their release. While the final Potter movie deserves a spot without explanation, “Hangover” is anticipated simply to see if it can beat out the first for its off-kilter “Did they really just do that”? humor.

Out: There’s an unsettling pattern we in the arts corner have noticed recurring in theaters this year. It seems every film producer this side of Sunset Boulevard has a raging fetish for a type of film we like to call the “RomCom.” The Romantic comedy is slightly less revolting than its less-funny cousin, the full-on romance, and a little better than the romantic-action-fantasy hybrid we’ve come to know and hate (read: “Twilight”). We’ve seen ill-made RomComs stinking up the box office too often this year: “Leap Year,” “Valentine’s Day,” “The Bounty Hunter,” etc. The only thing that could keep 2011 from spiraling toward imminent doom is a shift in Hollywood’s preferred film genre, and quick.


Out: “American Idol” it should have been over long ago – before “,” before there were two Davids fighting it out for the main title and especially, undeniably, before Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were appointed as “A.I.” judges (which is, in other words, a public statement of not having enough going on career-wise, which is unfortunate for the talent potentials of all three). By this point, American Idol hasn’t even bothered to continue pretending their stars weren’t already on the brink of success (many already had record deals or album releases before their stints on the show, including the most recent three winners, David Cook, Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze, albeit far less time in the limelight). Anyone with a shred of decency and respect for vocal performance will be crossing their fingers for the madness to end in the new year. We can only hope the executive producers will be able to maneuver the painful frankness of Simon Cowell (or perhaps mercy of Paula Abdul) necessary to deem “American Idol,” finally, “out” for 2011. It generated a cult following and helped several American singers achieve their dreams, yes, but it’s time to move on.

In: With a shaky first season, “Parks and Recreation” drew few loyal fans at the outset. But fortunately, because of creative forces from “The Office” and quirky antics Season 2 by Amy Poehler, Parks and Rec will be revived Jan. 20. Kicking off after “The Office” could prove a smart move, because of the mixed reviews its “sister show” has been receiving from longtime fans, especially with an announced exodus for Steve Carrel’s character. It seems, foiled with a success at its peak, “Parks and Rec” could go either way. Fans old and new are hoping for a solid “in” go-to comedy series in 2011.

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