State Street wasn’t a place for fresh Asian cuisine — until now. Throngs of greasy Chinese takeout joints surround campus, dishing up heaping portions of grease-laden food. For those unsatisfied with current offerings, new addition Asian Kitchen (449 State St.) offers diners a healthier, more rewarding experience. The friendly staff serves a laundry list of Americanized Chinese favorites ranging from enjoyable appetizers like Egg Drop Soup ($1.25/$2.50) and Fried Wantons ($2.25) to comforting entrees like Orange Chicken ($6.60), General Tso’s Chicken ($6.60) and Tofu with Mixed Vegetables ($6.50). When the ingredients are available, Asian Kitchen offers bubble juice and milk-based smoothies ($2.75), both served in large plastic cups with gigantic straws. The Taroberry Bubble Juice is a blend of taro (a root vegetable similar to a yam) and sugary jelly bubbles on the bottom of the drink which leave a pleasant aftertaste. The Honeydew Milk Tea Smoothie, a smooth mix of honeydew juice, milk and tapioca balls, resembles a fruity ice cream. The constantly changing specials menu features entrí