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Rhythms that make you randy …

“Let’s talk about sex, baby

Let’s talk about you and me

Let’s talk about all the good things


And the bad things that may be

Let’s talk about sex”

Salt ‘n’ Pepa had the right idea when they came out with their hit “Let’s Talk About Sex” over 10 years ago. Sex and music work so well together; naturally there is going to be a hit song about it, or even hundreds of songs about it. From R. Kelly to Nine Inch Nails, the bevy of artists who have recorded their feelings on making whoopee are infinite.

Sex sells, obviously, but that’s not the only reason singers are so quick to jump on the shaggin’ wagon. The fact of the matter is, we need music to enhance our sex lives. Where would many of us be today if our parents hadn’t happened to purchase Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On” back in 1973? Yes, the world would indeed be a sad and lonely place without music to get our libidos jumpin’.

Although it is old news that sex and music go well together, recent studies may have determined why. A study out of McGill University in Canada discovered melodies in music can stimulate the same parts of the brain as sex.

The same pleasure receptors that are stimulated by a good romp in the hay can also be inspired by the sexy songs of Sade. Likewise, under the right conditions and with the right beats, music has the power to heighten whatever emotion you’re currently experiencing. So just imagine what music can do for you when making love …

Have you ever tried running on a treadmill without music? It’s pretty boring and excruciating to get through the training. What do most people usually do to give them that little extra wind to finish their training or even increase their drive? They play music, and by playing the right music, they enjoy the experience and even get the strength to train harder.

Well, the same applies to lovemaking. With the right pulse and a strong beat, anyone can become the next Jenna Jameson or Ron Jeremy.

Many readers sent in their personal favorites for getting freaky, ranging from classic baby-makin’ music to the downright dirty. Some of the tunes mentioned included TLC’s “Red Light Special,” Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On,” Janet Jackson’s “That’s the Way Love Goes” and even The Village People’s “Macho Man.” Although the success of putting on one of these songs when trying to lure Mr. or Mrs. Right into the sack is questionable, the point is, whatever gets you in the mood is never too rude.

In order to better understand the magic a sexual soundtrack can provide, let’s examine the lyrics of some well-known “mood enhancers.”

Marvin Gaye got right to the point in his song “Sexual Healing,” crooning “Baby I’m hot just like an oven / I need some lovin’ / And baby, I can’t hold it much longer / It’s getting stronger and stronger.” Although popping Marvin in the stereo may be a tad obvious when trying to seduce, it’s certainly better than 2 Live Crew’s “Me So Horny.”

The Crew abandons all sense of mystery when they say, “I’m like a dog in heat, a freak without warning. / I have an appetite for sex ’cause me so horny. / Oh, so horny … Ohh, so horny … Ohh, so horny. / Me love you love time.” I definitely suggest leaving this CD in the case when persuading someone to stay the night.

If you are looking for some classic lowbrow lyrics minus the “Me So Horny” vibe, why not take a tip from L.L. Cool J? After all, “the ladies love cool James,” do they not? With a thumping baseline sure to get some motion in your ocean, L.L.’s “Doin’ It” is a timeless tune.

He moans, “It’s the first time together, and I’m feeling kinda horny / Conventional methods of makin love kinda bore me / I wanna knock your block off, get my rocks off / Blow your socks off make sure your G spot’s soft.” With smooth lyrics like these, it’s no question where he earned his moniker.

There are also some little-known jingles out there ruminating on love’s sassy side. The candy-coated harmonies of LFO are better known for their hits like “Girl on TV” and “Summer Girls,” but who would have known the boys had an inner freak?

Their song “Sex You Up” may come as a surprise with the lyrics, “Well let’s flip it side to side / We’ll take it slow then fast for a funky ride / And we’ll make it last the whole night long / ‘Cause I wanna sex you up babe get it on.”

The fact that even a lame band like LFO writes songs about “funky rides” is only proof that sex and music do not always go so well together.

When setting the mood for you and your mate, I suggest ignoring all of the songs mentioned previously and going for pure class with artists such as Sade, R. Kelly, Janet Jackson or Kelly Price. And if you would rather concentrate on the rhythm rather than some random singer’s thoughts on getting nasty, go for some eletronica or trance music. Both are sure to keep you pumpin’.

Just don’t forget to add some rubbers when you’re putting on the vinyls!

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