UW must take holistic approach to address negative aspects of Greek life

Steps to improve culture surrounding Greek life on campus must be comprehensive, wide-reaching


It’s time Wisconsin stopped effectively encouraging drunk driving

Pervasive drinking culture combined with leniency on DUIs creates severe public safety issue

UW-Madison Campus

UW study finds racial disparities in drinking culture, campus climate

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Research on alcohol access finds no substantial support for arguments to lower legal drinking age

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Binge drinking poses serious health risks — keep spring break balanced

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6 super fun alternatives to drinking on a night out

They're so fun you're not going to know what to do with yourself

Letter to the Editor

UW administration largely responsible for perpetuating drinking culture

AlcoholEdu program, 'substance free floors' encourage alcohol consumption just as much as students do

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What's On Tap

What’s on tap: You’re not the only one who needs a drink this election season

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Hump Day

Hump day: UW’s top spot in party school ranking comes with a dark side

Party culture, rape culture are linked in more ways than one