This November, it’s on voters to rebrand a presently twisted Senate

Republicans aim to erode, dismantle women's rights, it's on voters to step up

City of Madison

Anti-abortion groups hold protest to encourage lawmaker to ‘defy federal law’

Groups hope to completely abolish abortion rather than placing regulations

State of Wisconsin

Republicans take heat for facilitating event hosted by radical anti-abortion group

Anti Abortion Wisconsin has advocated for death penalty for abortion recipients

State of Wisconsin

Senate health committee approves bill prohibiting UW abortions

Bill passed in 3-2 vote with both Democrats voted against proposal


Legislation limiting abortion training on campus latest in GOP attack on health

Factual inaccuracies make justifying this legislation nearly impossible


Pushing party agenda in wake of Las Vegas tragedy deplorable

20-week abortion bill shows that GOP values lives of unborn fetuses more than the lives of current citizens

UW-Madison Campus

Medical professionals, advocates highlight difficulties of providing abortion training, services

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin's Nicole Safar said it is difficult to attain abortions in Wisconsin


If the GOP wants to defund Planned Parenthood, they need to explain all their anti-life legislation

Hypocritical to oppose abortion based on pro-life values, while advocating policies which harm women, minorities

State of Wisconsin

Bill looks to limit abortion services for nearly 250,000 public sector employees

Democrats oppose bill, said it throws 'women under the bus,' ignores their reproductive health rights

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin politicians promote joint resolution affirming right to abortion care

'Abortion is Health Care Resolution' emphasizes need for medically-based legislation