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Medical professionals, advocates highlight difficulties of providing abortion training, services

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin's Nicole Safar said it is difficult to attain abortions in Wisconsin


If the GOP wants to defund Planned Parenthood, they need to explain all their anti-life legislation

Hypocritical to oppose abortion based on pro-life values, while advocating policies which harm women, minorities

State of Wisconsin

Bill looks to limit abortion services for nearly 250,000 public sector employees

Democrats oppose bill, said it throws 'women under the bus,' ignores their reproductive health rights

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin politicians promote joint resolution affirming right to abortion care

'Abortion is Health Care Resolution' emphasizes need for medically-based legislation


Nasty women did not need your vote: Stand up for Planned Parenthood

Now more than ever, organizations providing safe, legal abortion services need our support


Who’s worse for women than Trump? His running mate.

Vice President-elect has spent his entire career defunding Planned Parenthood, restricting woman's right to choose

UW-Madison Campus

International Socialist Organization discusses right to abortion

Data shows 56 percent of the general population believes abortion should be legal in all or most cases

State of Wisconsin

Legislation banning state funds from going toward abortion forces many women to pay for procedure out-of-pocket

As Wisconsin’s abortion clinics close, more than 65 percent of the state’s women are left without an option to end their pregnancies in their county

State of Wisconsin

State to pay Planned Parenthood for admitting privileges case

$1.6 million in taxpayer money will go toward paying for Planned Parenthood's legal fees

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