The Wisconsin football program is fierce. Beginning practice with a series of drills and warm-ups, the boys showed a drive to prepare for the spring game coming up in the following week.

Freshman nose tackle Bryson Williams, a three-star recruit from Lincoln, Nebraska was available following practice.

In high school, Williams was an impressive player; he concluded his three-year varsity career with 195 tackles, 7.5 sacks, and four rushing touchdowns.

The program is eager to bring Williams to his full potential and is optimistic about his future as a Badger. When asking Williams about his expectations for his future in the program, he explained that he is excited to get to know his teammates and prove himself on the team.

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“If they redshirt me they do, but I’m still learning more so I can succeed in the future,” said Williams.

One of the key players who he mentioned he was paying close attention to is senior Olive Sagapolu. For this season, Williams is hoping to master the playbook as well as his technique to set himself up for the next four years.

Senior Paul Jackson, a transfer from Notre Dame College as well as Dodge City Community College, was also available for interviews. Jackson explained that the transition went very smoothly from a small Division II school in Ohio to the roaring Big Ten Division I enthusiasm that Wisconsin offers. He originally played as a wide receiver, but now he will be playing as an outside linebacker in the upcoming season.

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Jackson has fully embraced the Wisconsin experience so far: “I really appreciate all that the coaches offer through their past experiences, and that constantly learning more is constantly improving our game.”

Jackson had also mentioned as well as Williams that technique plays a critical role in the game and they are hard at work perfecting it. He is hopeful for the opportunity to play in the upcoming season and is looking forward to hearing the crowd and enthusiasm that Camp Randall has to offer for the fall 2018 season.

The Badger’s defense has definitely targeted their goals for the season and are hard at work perfecting their techniques. I’m sure Badger fans all around are eager to see how this defense will perform during the upcoming season.