Bucks terminate Kidd’s contract ahead of All-Star break

Surprising move left players distraught

· Jan 24, 2018 Tweet

From left to right: Bucks head coach Jason Kidd, Bucks GM John Hammond, Jon McGlocklin, Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan and Wisconsin athletics director Barry Alvarez
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…And the coaching carousel continues.

After roughly four seasons as leader of the Milwaukee Bucks, Head Coach Jason Kidd had his contract terminated Monday.

Boasting a less-than-impressive 139-to-152 record during his tenure, the organization decided it was time to move on from Kidd. While his knowledge of the game has never been questioned, his coaching ability has proven to be no more than adequate. Underachieving in a weak conference with what on paper seems to be an up-and-coming roster, Kidd’s perpetual mediocrity was just not enough to keep his job secure.

Star player Giannis Antetokounmpo was one of the many players distraught over the release of Kidd. Starting out in the league as a raw prospect, Kidd helped Antetokounmpo develop into the all-star caliber player he is today. Memorably, Antetokounmpo was unaware of Kidd’s legendary career until looking up his new coach’s biography online and was quite impressed.

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General Manager John Horst said in a statement shortly after the firing, “We believe that a fresh approach and a change in leadership are needed to continue elevating our talented team towards the next level.”

In the eyes of management, Kidd did not have the ability to elevate this team to be a championship contender.

Although his player-development expertise is second to none, ownership and management felt that a 23-to-22 record combined with their 8th seed standing in the East was just not acceptable.

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Kidd’s firing comes on the tail end of a losing spell in which the team has lost four of its past five games. Assistant Coach Joe Prunty will take over as interim coach for the time being, as the Bucks embark on a hunt for Kidd’s replacement. The Bucks next game will be this upcoming Friday against the Brooklyn Nets. They will look to rejuvenate their season over the spark of new leadership.


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