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Gentlemen, before going out this weekend, remember not to be a creep

With the new semester, it’s time for a refresher on how not to be a creep
Marissa Haegele

As the semester begins and students settle in for what will likely be another intense four months at the University of Wisconsin, it’s important to set forth a new rule for what will likely be a time of chaotic, awkward and weird weekends at bars and random parties where you only know one person.

It’s pretty simple: Guys, just don’t be creepy.

When I say “guys,” I don’t mean it in a gender-neutral sense. I’m talking to my fellow dudes out there.


Think about the last time you went to the bar, to a house party or even when you were walking down the street late at night on a weekend. You probably saw one of your female friends get get hit on creepily or groped. You probably heard a group of guys catcalling girls.

Don’t normalize that behavior and don’t ever think it’s “just guys being guys.” It’s not. It’s another stupid circumstance that women deal with when they shouldn’t have to.

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Maybe it’s just me seeing stuff like this happen regularly, but I doubt it.

If it doesn’t bother you to treat women that way because you’re already six beers deep, you should probably take a step back and chill the hell out.

Frankly, this should serve as a reminder to not to be “that guy.”

Would you want to be friends with that guy? Probably not.

To be completely clear, I’m definitely not suggesting that guys shouldn’t try to talk to girls at bars, or that the usual college norms between two consenting people shouldn’t occur.

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But if you’re going to approach a girl, don’t walk behind her while she’s dancing and assume she wants to grind with you like it’s high school homecoming.

Don’t awkwardly stand behind her, making everyone else in the area eerily aware of how creepy you are.

Don’t try to start a conversation if you have nothing good to say and get angry when you inevitably face rejection.

It’s pretty easy — don’t be a creep.

Go out and have fun with your friends, drink to your heart’s content and talk to girls all you please. Just don’t be a creep or an asshole about it.

Connor Touhey ([email protected]) is a senior majoring in political science, history and journalism.

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