“Secure your mask first and then assist the other person if you’re traveling with a child or someone who requires assistance.”

In times of decompression, when the changing pressure of an airplane’s cabin becomes unstable, oxygen masks deploy to aid passengers in surviving a dangerous situation. The flight attendants always request you secure your own oxygen mask to ensure your own safety as you’re helping others.

This idea is a key principle behind President Donald Trump’s travel ban: help yourself so you can use your strength to help others.

Many opponents of the travel ban claim the executive order is discriminative against Muslims, and that the travel ban fails to provide aid and shelter to refugees of the humanitarian crisis. But the opponents are missing the reasoning behind this common-sense initiative.

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American principles of freedom and safety cannot be upheld if America allows individuals who resent American’s freedom, lifestyle and principles to infiltrate and weaken our country. The outcry against this executive order is detrimental to American excellence and the safety of the country. The truth is there are those who want to harm America and all it stands for.

Remember the 2015 Chattanooga shooting of five of our honorable military men? Remember the 2015 San Bernardino shooting at a Christmas party? Remember the 2016 Orlando tragedy — a hate crime against the LGBT and Latino communities where 49 people died?

Finally, who could ever forget Sept. 11, 2001, one of the greatest tragedies in our country’s history, when four terrorists were not properly vetted and killed thousands of Americans.

Most refugees and immigrants are good people, but terrorists take advantage of our vulnerabilities and world crises and then use those situations to launch attacks. To provide refugees with humanitarian aid, we need to make sure we’re defending ourselves first.

The first misconception about this executive order is it discriminates against Muslims. This order has absolutely no language specifically directed at banning Muslims from our country, but rather is directed at states with dangerous tendencies.

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Second, it’s crucial to note the six countries that travel from is banned are countries former President Barack Obama’s administration had originally deemed “countries of concern.”

Any member of the judiciary who respects the law and does not seek to replace Congress and the president understands Trump has complete authority to make such an order for the safety of our country. Trump is addressing Obama’s concerns and lack of ambition, and taking action on the issue and safety of Americans.

Trump brought illegal immigration under further scrutiny during the past election season, and a discussion began in both parties to find policy prescriptions.

Illegal immigration is an issue that affects our economy and our security in this country. Trump and Congress are dedicated to stopping the inflow across our borders, deporting dangerous criminals and finding a solution to the millions of undocumented immigrants that live in our nation, working hard to produce in our economy. This will be a breath of fresh air after eight years of purely partisan action from the Obama administration, which only perpetuated illegal immigration and division over the issue, but never solved the problem.

Overall, the idea Trump’s travel ban is discriminative and the idea that his efforts to improve immigration standards are “mean,” are uninformed opinions unproductive for American safety and excellence.

To maintain American safety, and maintain our reputation as the best country in the world, a country that thrives and a country that can help other countries succeed, we need to put on our oxygen mask first, and protect the American people from all forms of terrorism.

Emelia Rohl ([email protected]) is a junior majoring in journalism and mass communications. She is the communications director of UW College Republicans.