UW-Madison Campus

State Attorney General argues Wisconsin has strong case to win redistricting challenges

Schimel also defends businesses' right to refuse service conflicting with personal ethics, "act how they believe is right"


Point Counterpoint: Tax reform a victory for middle class Americans

Get ready for a new period of economic boom as wages, growth and employment soar

UW-Madison Campus

Sen. Leah Vukmir encourages students to seek bipartisan friendships during visit to College Republicans

Vukmir believes Legislature should have more oversight on free speech at universities

UW-Madison Campus

Rep. Jessie Rodriguez explores misconceptions about Republican Party

Rodriguez, an immigrant from El Salvador, discusses differing strategies Republicans and Democrats use to tackle hot issues


The irony of anti-ASM rhetoric from College Republicans

They're asking one ideological governing body to disband another


Point Counterpoint: Donald Trump is your president

Major political victories of the past year bring hope to those with conservative values on campus and beyond


Point Counterpoint: A nation without borders is no nation at all

President Trump understands Americans can only serve others after first protecting themselves


Before defaulting to rejecting GOP health care plan, let’s review just how terrible ‘Obamacare’ really was

Skyrocketing premiums, lack of choice in insurance leave Americans with less than they deserve


UW statement: we oppose campus carry

The Wisconsin State Legislature could consider a campus carry bill as early as January


Clinton has herself to blame for great Republican upset

Clinton's fear tactics failed to get Obama coalition out to vote