This week and next will inevitably be defined by post-spring break depression, brought on by the jarring transition from a beautiful tropical climate or your parents’ living room couch to the unappealing and cold reality of the University of Wisconsin, where people actually have expectations of you that are far greater than maintaining a pulse.

Rather than admitting defeat in the face of an upcoming round of midterms and falling back into the potentially detrimental cycle that defined most of our spring breaks — one that consisted largely of drinking, eating, drinking, sleeping, drinking and sporadic Netflix viewing — keep in mind that there are some things worth living for. Following are five reasons you should not entirely give into your own despair…in the short term, at least.

5. The satisfaction of voting “YES” on the legalize marijuana referendum.

Get hyped to perform your civic duty on April 1. By voting for this advisory referendum, there will be absolutely no results, but at least you can say you publicly came out in support of legal highs.

4. The prospect of legitimate shorts weather in Wisconsin.

With memories of the polar vortex still freezing many hopes for the ever-evasive spring weather, there is finally a cause for optimism: 60-degree weather this coming weekend.

3. The final season of “Mad Men.”

Returning Sunday, April 13 at 10, and its imminence justifies binge-watching the first five seasons in the interim.

2. March Madness.

Even if you aren’t a sports fan, Badger basketball is worth watching and potentially even worth remaining relatively sober for. On Wisconsin!

1. Thursday night.

The truly socially acceptable time to get hammered. Cheers and chants of “PLAZA!”

[Photo via Badger Herald archives]