In honor of Facebook’s 10th birthday, our staffers at The Badger Herald took a few minutes to calculate just how much time they’ve spent entertaining Mark Zuckerberg and his friends’ technological love child.

To mark the milestone, created a tool to estimate the number of days, hours and minutes Facebook users have wasted on the site, and following are our results. See how you compare!

Katherine Krueger, Editor-in-Chief


Our Editor-in-Chief ranks as the top Facebooker, spending 47.95 minutes per day shamelessly promoting both the Herald and the drinking of alcohol (consume together for maximum pleasure).

Editor’s Note: I actually do have life outside of the Internet.

Garth Beyer, Editorial Page Editor


One of the new staffers comes in at a distant second, spending only 29.98 minutes per day on the site entertaining his few hundred friends with quick wit and an abundance of graphic images.

Polo Rocha, Social Media Coordinator


Coming in third is Polo, averaging 29.91 minutes a day on Facebook and using his personal account to also coordinate Herald social media.

Will Haynes, Digital Managing Editor


As the Digital Managing Editor, Will communicates solely through Facebook, taking 17.16 minutes to socialize daily and sitting silently for the remaining 1,422.84 minutes.

Briana Reilly, Editorial Page Editor


I’m mortified—16.97 minutes a day.

Alex Arriaga, City News Associate Editor


Alex loses 16.93 minutes a day to the sink hole of Facebook.

Daniel Corcoran, Sports Content Editor


Dan invests 16.90 minutes daily posting about his sport fantasies, which include unabashedly cheering on the Chicago Cubs.

Charles Godfrey, Editorial Board Member


Averaged out, Charles takes 14.73 minutes a day to perfect his profile picture and cover photo.

Erik Sateren, ArtsEtc. Editor


For 14.57 minutes each day, Erik predictably uses Facebook to share amateur motion pictures and Youtube’s greatest parodies.

Aaron Drews, Digital State News Editor


Aaron takes 14.45 minutes a day acting as an instrument for the Herald, regularly sharing posts and adding hashtags to as much content as possible.

Kirby Wright, Photographer/Photo Editor


Making us all look bad is Herald photo editor, Kirby Wright, who only spends 14.25 minutes daily on this particular social media outlet.

Take the test and see how much time you have wasted on Facebook.