Long after you’ve nabbed a diploma and settled into 9-to-5 existence, you’ll run into proud Badger alumni at bars and water coolers around the world eager to talk about the experiences they had as students at the University of Wisconsin.

Campus Grotto recently collected and ranked 100 of the greatest college traditions from around the country, ranking the Mifflin Street Block Party the nation’s second-best tradition and with the “State Street Halloween Party” (otherwise known as Freakfest) rolling in at no. 8.

UW is the only school with two traditions cracking into the top 10.

The site dubbed the party on Mifflin Street, which has roots in protesting the Vietnam War, as “the block party to rule all block parties,” but noted the event shrank from 25,000 attendees in 2012 to around 5,000 in 2013.

The rankings were apparently based on the traditions’ depth of history on campus, amount of participation from students and uniqueness.