Winner of the Week: Beyonc?

Her reputation was temporarily tarnished when she confessed to lip-syncing the national anthem at Obama’s second inauguration. According to Time, when asked about the lip-synced performance, she responded, “Due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check … I did not feel comfortable singing live.”

But Beyonc? bounced back in style – days after the inauguration, she showed up at a Super Bowl press conference, asked reporters to stand and remove their hats, belted out the Star Spangled Banner and concluded with a rhetorical, “Any questions”?

Oh, and then she rocked the Super Bowl. All in all, Beyonc?’s turnaround from confessing to lip-syncing the anthem to cementing her place in Super Bowl history and confirming herself as one of the great pop musicians of our era makes her the winner of this week.  

Loser of the week: Dick Morris


After being hilariously wrong about nearly everything this election cycle, Dick Morris has finally received his pink slip from Fox News. Morris, a long-time political pundit (in the loosest sense of the word), has made myriad predictions, from Romney winning the general election in a landslide to President Barack Obama choosing not to run for re-election at all. According to an analysis by the website Pundit Tracker, Morris’ predictions were so poor that if you were to place bets on every one of his predictions, you would get a return of 31 cents on the dollar. After its rough election season, Fox News needed someone to fall on the proverbial sword. Unfortunately for Dick Morris, he is that someone. And for that reason, Dick Morris is our loser of the week.

Charles Godfrey ([email protected]) is a junior majoring in physics and math.

Joe Timmerman ([email protected]) is a sophomore majoring in economics and math.