The audience could feel tension in the air during the vice presidential debate. Violence seemed as though it would erupt at any second. Many would not have been surprised if one of the candidates took a swing at the other. They clearly hated each other. As this scene developed, my eyes were glued to the television. A couple of times I glanced at the words that scrolled across the bottom of the screen. Apparently, these were comments from people representing both political parties. One comment particularly disturbed me. I cannot remember who this particular comment was from, but basically it said, “If (Vice President) Joe Biden is not president someday, then America is missing out.” Biden as president for four years terrifies me. I would almost rather have another four years of President Barack Obama’s socialistic policies than a Biden-run government. 

Obama is at least a man of some character. Biden, however, is rude and cold. This was especially evident in the vice presidential debate. I understand Biden was only trying to make his points forcefully, but he still should have at least allowed his “friend,” Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, to speak. According to The Baltimore Sun, Biden interrupted Ryan more than 80 times. Clearly, Biden does not know how to hold his tongue. In the same way, Biden also portrayed himself as a cold candidate in the debate. When Biden was presented with a distressing topic, he often laughed and smiled in a strange way. This proved especially troubling when they were discussing topics like our failing economy and foreign policy. It would almost seem like he does not understand the pain Americans have been feeling for the past four years. Some counter this point by saying he was laughing at the absurdity of Ryan’s points. However, if this logic is used, then Biden makes himself look like an arrogant politician who will not listen to others with different viewpoints. Do we really want to re-elect politicians who cannot reach across the aisle? If our potential president does not know when to hold his tongue or when to laugh, do we really want him to represent us as president? 

On the other hand, Ryan seemed calm and focused during the debate. Yes, many think he did not present his points as forcefully as Biden, but then again he did not really have the chance to. Who would we rather have as vice president, someone who is calm and focused, or someone who is rude and cold?

Zachary Walters ([email protected]) is a freshman majoring in human management resources. He is a member of the University of Wisconsin College Republicans.