Right now, the odds of Gov. Scott Walker being reelected look good. Very good, in fact. As of
Sunday, he had received endorsements from both the Wisconsin Farm Bureau and the Wisconsin
Builders’ Association
, according to Walker’s website. These are two huge endorsements that will mean a lot when the
election takes place, as both groups have many members and their support signals confidence in the
ideas that are helping Wisconsin prosper since former Gov. Jim Doyle left the state in economic shambles.

These endorsements come as no surprise, and there will likely be many more. With Walker eliminating a $3.6
billion budget deficit, as stated by his website, he can count on much support in the future. He did this with a terrible national economy in the
background and with doubters on the left trying to stop him from accomplishing his financially sound
budget reforms. Many other states are not faring well under President Barack Obama’s spend-happy reign, including
Illinois, where The Huffington Post reports taxes have been raised extremely high. You’ll notice that tax increases have not occurred in
Wisconsin, and you have Mr. Walker to thank for that.

How do certain members of the left thank him for saving the state economy, creating new jobs and
reforming the state budget? With lies and half-truths. So many members of the left think they can
be governor, and already many have thrown their names in for the chance to be governor. Of recent
surprise is Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. You may remember him as having already failed to win
the governor’s seat twice and for dumping millions of pounds of sewage into Lake Michigan, as reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Add to the list several Democratic politicians,
and you have a opposition force that’s almost laughable. My estimate is that by the time the election
occurs, at least 20 people will have signed up to oppose Walker. Notice that Barrett became more
vocal for his gubernatorial run after he was reelected to his mayor position. A good idea based on his
previous two attempts.

What’s worse is that all these opponents are just copies of one another. Already the opponents of Walker are throwing mud and in the most disgraceful
way. According to 620 WTMJ, certain comments were made about Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch by radio talk show hosts
which were uncalled for. John “Sly” Sylvester gave her the suggestion on air that she perform sexual
favors for Milwaukee radio show hosts to win her upcoming election. The left is rearing its ugly head
already, and it will only get worse and they grow more desperate.

While Walker is receiving huge endorsements, showing that what he has done is working, his
opponents throw insults in order to bolster the dozen or so opponents he currently has. I have
yet to see an honest and civil candidate to run against Walker, and my guess is that it will never
happen. So many opponents means more chances to lie about our governor, but it also means that
the vote will be split for each candidate who runs, making this an easy election.

Not one candidate has
presented themselves as a decent replacement, and this may continue even up to the election. It’s hard
to unseat an incumbent, especially as one as supported as Walker. It will be even harder to do so with a
dozen candidates, especially when they start to tear each other apart. Walker is in a good position now,
and if I were him I would just sit back, let the endorsements roll in and watch my reforms fix the state.

If my endorsement were worth anything, I would endorse Scott Walker for governor. I would do so
for every recall election every year if I had to. With the left destroying jobs by removing the northern
Wisconsin mine
and sending letters to teachers associations confessing to try to make it
easier to defeat Walker, according to the governor’s office, I do not see why anyone would support any of their candidates. Spending huge
amounts of money is a bad idea in this national economy, and even Walker’s reforms cannot save the
state should a Barrett or a Falk take over and restart Doyle’s spend-happy regiment.

Vincent Borkowski ([email protected]) is a junior majoring in neurobiology.