There are some thoughtless people who attend the University of Wisconsin – some may even go as far as to call them the “worst people on campus” – who buy Rose Bowl tickets and resell them to their fellow Badgers for well above face value. This ensures that fans with limited resources will have a very difficult time making the trip to Pasadena.

We encourage those listing their tickets for unreasonable amounts to rethink their choice, perform a Badger act of kindness and allow their fellow students to attend The Granddaddy of Them All at a price they can afford. Being a Badger is about more than just playing great football – it’s about respecting and supporting your fellow students. After all, the beloved team that got us here deserves a cheering section full of the people who love the game the most, not just the people who can afford to love it.

Peace, love, and let’s go Badgers!