The most recent outcry from the perpetually dissatisfied Democrats in the state Legislature has been over Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to require voters to present valid identification cards in order to vote. The logic behind this is you are proving (with a picture) that you are who you claim to be when you cast your ballot. The old system just required you to state your name and prove your address, which, coincidentally enough, is what anyone who looks through your mail could guess.

I can’t fathom why the Dems would be unhappy with this law; it really seems like a win-win situation. There has been rampant voter fraud all over the country, and this new law seems like an easy solution. Could it be that Dems are dissatisfied with such a law because the recent voter fraud is allegedly connected with the left wing? Many, many rumors abound that in the most recent senatorial, gubernatorial and even presidential elections, there were votes cast for Democrats by those allied with the left wing using other peoples’ names or even made-up aliases. The joke, “If you don’t vote, a Democrat will for you,” actually rings true: More than 1,000 votes for Obama had been cast by people who were dead or had moved to another state. I mean, I’ve heard of the “Obama Effect,” but I didn’t think it involved necromancy.

Accomplishing voter fraud is relatively simple. Because it’s public record, illegal voters can go online and view voting history. They choose targets based on those people who haven’t voted for an extended period of time. They then either steal mail from that address or forge some, and then go to the polling place and pretend to be the person they are victimizing. They then cast a vote for Obama, Kloppenburg, Barrett or whoever is on the Democrat ticket and go on to repeat with however many inactive voters they found.

Voter fraud accusations against liberals aside, their dislike of the bill is suspicious. The left wing argues that requiring photo voter ID will make it harder for Democrats to vote. Huh. A bill is able to curtail Democratic voting rights without even mentioning them in its wording? Sounds like lunacy. Here’s the best part: They’re wrong. This bill doesn’t limit anyone’s voting rights because the government is giving out IDs to anyone who needs them. There is absolutely no reason why someone cannot attain a free government ID card.

The Dems go on to say that the bill in some magical way targets “students, Latinos and the elderly” because they are (according to the Dems) unable to get ID cards. I’m a student and I know how to get a valid ID card, so please do not insult my intelligence. Furthermore, the statement by the Democrats who oppose this bill are essentially racist, because they have insulted the entire Latino ethnicity by saying that they are simply unable to get ID cards. A Latino friend of mine said he knew where to get an ID card (he has one). Good try, left wing. Good try.

Another group is also opposing this bill – the League of Women Voters. If you’re like me and you’ve never heard of them, don’t be alarmed. Their website claims to be “nonpartisan,” while a look at their activity shows them to be deep in the liberals’ pocket. They could have been told by the Democrats to oppose the bill since it would appear that their argument against the bill is the exact same as the Democrats’, almost to the point of being verbatim. If the left wing is going to do things like this, you would think it would put a little more creativity into the lines it feed its puppets. The group’s bias further shows in the fact that are moving to sue Republicans high up in the state government over the voter ID bill. They even go so far as to accuse Walker, but no Democrats are named. The League of Women Voters is just another political action committee financed by the Democrats that lets them stick their chubby fingers in government while having ambiguous, apolitical names such as “United Wisconsin.” Then, the paper trail ends with the PAC while the Dems can hide unmolested in their houses made of gold and gems.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but we once again return to liberal desperation. They’re jealous. They’re jealous that a Republican’s policies are working, that he’s fixing the enormous debt we’re in and that he happens to be right about the new voter ID bill. Their opposition to this bill is desperate and silly. It’s a simple bill that benefits us as a state by reducing voter fraud and in no way marginalizes voters, liberal or not.

Vincent Borkowski ([email protected]) is a junior majoring in neurobiology.