Rep. Tammy Baldwin has always been a fighter for students and is the right choice for us on Election Day. She understands the issues of concern to students on this campus and around the nation. Baldwin knows we are concerned about the current economic situation in the United States and about getting jobs after college. She understands many of us rely on financial aid to attend school. She recognizes alternative energy options are not only important to our country, but can also create millions of new jobs. She also understands we are concerned about the war in Iraq and the costs to our country and our generation. In addition, she understands we are concerned about the affordability and accessibility of health care.

Baldwin was elected in 1998 largely because of students. The “youthquake” that elected her 10 years ago and continued to vote for her in every election since then, will turn out for her again this year.

Baldwin is one of the most accessible nationally elected officials in the country. She makes regular appearances on our campus and always makes herself available to students. She will be on campus three times this week, including participating in the Homecoming parade Friday and greeting constituents outside the arch before Saturday’s game.

When bills affecting students come up for a vote in the house, Baldwin consistently votes in favor of us. She supports expanded financial aid funding for college students on all campuses, which makes college accessible for young people. She also supports funding government research programs that provide students on the University of Wisconsin campus with valuable experience for their future careers.

Baldwin supports new energy options that will preserve the environment and our communities and wean the country off our dependence on foreign oil. Alternative fuels are an investment in our economy, as these new industries will create thousands of new jobs, many of which could go to recent college graduates.

The Iraq war has continued be a central issue in our country and affects our generation more and more each day. Baldwin has been an opponent of the war since the beginning, and she supports a plan to bring our troops home as quickly and safely as possible. She also supports legislation that gives veterans the opportunity to receive a college education when they return home from the Middle East.

Baldwin entered politics because of health care, and she has been one of the strongest advocates for quality, accessible and affordable health care in Congress during her term. She has worked in a bipartisan coalition on legislation that will offer all Americans, including students, the same health care options she enjoys as a congresswoman, which allows for a healthier, more productive America.

Baldwin deserves your vote on Election Day. She has worked tirelessly and successfully for the last 10 years for us. Let’s send Baldwin back to Congress for two more years. Vote Baldwin Nov. 4.

Lavilla Capener ([email protected]) is a member of the College Democrats.