In response to "Dean of Students office prioritizes safety" by Lori Berquam:

"I would like to respond …" It's funny how Lori Berquam starts this entire article with that statement. All the ODOS has done this entire year and a half is respond. There has been nothing proactive about their actions. Instead of prevention of assault, they respond to the incident after the damage is already done.

In response to "Globalization merits dialogue" by Rob Rossmeissl:

Mr. Rossmeissl, why do you think so many people are against globalization? It's too much power in too few hands. That's why most countries are so reluctant to give up their sovereignty. It's for everyone's benefit that we stay separate. Considering that you and your friends were drunk while pondering this thought is impressive though.

In response to "Kaplan's remarks not racist" by Gerald Cox:

I was in the class, this is all being taken out of context. If anything he was supporting Hmongs and criticizing Wisconsin failure in incorporating them into Northern WI society. Look at all the talk this has stirred! If anything he's remarks helped bring light to a situation. He is not a racist and his remarks were not racist.

I've had Kaplan for a few courses and he is not a racist, and these remarks were completely taken out of context. The initial email describing Kaplan's comments removed the context and intentionally led readers to conclude that Kaplan believes all Hmong are criminals and gangters which is obviously not something Kaplan believes. I feel bad that the student was offended but this student should publicly apologize to Kaplan for clearly misrepresenting his beliefs, the context of the discussion, and ignoring the fact that his effort to integrate cultural differences into the legal process class was designed to argue that the law should be more sensitive to cultural differences.

Especially as a professor, he should not be using terrible, ridiculous, ignorant stereotypes to prove his little point because you know what, to some, it is a terrible, ridiculous, and ignorant way of making a point. That's not to say Kaplan's a racist, but just because he isn't a racist doesn't mean he didn't make ignorant, racist remarks. People make mistakes, he made a mistake, he should apologize, the Hmong student should not have to apologize for being offended (that suggestion just has no merit) and everybody should just learn and move on.

In response to "Dems' promise already broken" by Bassey Etim:

I'm a Democrat who is seriously considering some sort of protest vote for 2008. Doyle has already let me down, and the congressional Democrats have yet to take off the kid gloves with President Bush. Local and national Democratic leaders, beware: 2008 could be a very bad year if you "stay this course."

Bassey, some factual considerations: The horrible, horrible, Frankenstein veto was used by Governor Doyle to restore a $400 million cut to the states public schools. had he not used that tactic, schools across the state would have seen massive and painful cuts AND property taxes would have risen dramatically.

In response to "Budget imperils college aid" by Jennifer Knox:

At least half the people in college should be in a trade school. It would be better for them and better for the country. Too many over-educated, good-for-nothings are being generated by college liberal arts programs. They'll never produce anything but a loud whining sound when they can't find a job to support them in the style to which they feel entitled.

In response to "Political discourse lacking respect" by Mike Hahn:

I read last week's comment's on Mr. Hahn's article on this website. It was quite revolting what some of the people responding to him were saying and implying. That said, Mr. Hahn, what did you expect was going to happen? You wrote a reactionary piece, one that was calling names and throwing around personal insult.