If "party hard, study hard" has become something of a cliché about this campus, Playboy Magazine — America's foremost source for all things reminiscent of Dionysus — is offering a fresh reminder that the tired phrase truly embodies this student body more formidably than the populace of any other North American university.

The University of Wisconsin has been named the top party school in America by the top party magazine in America, and such is reason to celebrate. Playboy has factored in nearly all factors of campus life — including academic prowess — in arriving at this delightful conclusion, proving that this hallowed Madison campus truly is the nation's preeminent locale for a quality, well-rounded collegiate education.

In years past, other schools have eclipsed this campus on the various party school charts. But UW is now rightfully claiming its place atop the world of educational hedonism, having dispatched nearly all of the local mugwumps and embraced a life full of alcohol, socializing and lecture halls alike.

And that is something worth drinking to.