Earn your right to gripe

Some argue we are too hard on ASM, what with our attempts to expose shady back-room deals and lower the abuses of student money from rampant to merely excessive.

But at least we have the right to complain.

Each of us has voted in an ASM election, defusing the argument oft levied at the majority (read 90 percent) of the student body (“If you’re so fed up with ASM, then why didn’t you vote”?).

Freshmen can also earn the right to criticize freely, beginning today.

ASM elections for freshman representatives take place today through Wednesday. While the erstwhile politicos campaigning in front of Gordon Commons may have no idea what they are getting into, they represent an essential transfusion of new blood into an organization often perceived as inviting to only a select inner circle.

That is why we hope this election will break the trend of embarrassingly low turnouts for student government elections. It is low turnout that is responsible for the current unaccountability of student government.

Starting today, freshmen have a chance to hold student government accountable instead of simply complain about it. We encourage each and every member of this year’s record class to vote – it takes a mere 30 seconds on the Web. More information on how to vote can be found below, and candidate statements are on ASM?s website (www.asm.wisc.edu).


This article was published Oct 14, 2001 at 12:00 am and last updated Oct 14, 2001 at 12:00 am


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