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· Oct 8, 2001 Tweet

Ah, the painful plight of being a member of the victimized “silent majority!”

According to Louis Crisostomo, chair of the UW-Madison College Republicans and guest writer in The Badger Herald, our campus is withering under the hostile invasion of numerically insignificant yet politically outspoken unpatriotic extremists “unwilling to support efforts to stop terrorism,” who squander student money in shady “inflated and irresponsible budget spending” attempts to “supposedly make campus more diverse.”

Crisostomo may want to stop clicking his red-ruby heels and step down from his rhetorical pulpit. He should be ashamed of himself for pounding student activists into a homogenized mush of supposed extremism. I remain baffled at Crisostomo’s attempt to equate the Multicultural Student Coalition with “campus radicals” who oppose U.S. military action against innocent Middle-Eastern civilians.
Beyond this I am surprised that after Crisostomo’s wealth of experience he could purport that budget increases for the Multicultural Student Coalition would do nothing to increase campus diversity and minority retention. Has Crisostomo even reviewed what the budget increase entails? Has he forgotten UW is known nationally for its failure to diversify its campus?

Crisostomo calls upon the “silent majority” to throw off the chains of apathy and “show the world that we stand with them united.” Whose world is this? I’d recommend that we let Crisostomo continue his fervent heel-clicking in Oz, because his isn’t a world that I accept.

Jesse Kiley
UW-Madison senior


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