Rushers exceedingly disrespectful

· Sep 14, 2001 Tweet

I am writing to express my disgust and shame with some of my fellow students. While thousands of Americans have lost their lives in Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and New York, what are some of our students doing? They are parading up and down Langdon Street, cheering, yelling, screaming and blaring horns in celebration of Rush Week.

What? On top of the overall absurdity of Rush Week (rating and grading people to see if they’re good enough to join your sorority) have we already forgotten the tragedy just two days ago? I cannot even begin to think how self-absorbed and shallow people have to be to put their Rush activities ahead of human life and national crisis. This is not the time to be celebrating anything. Thousands of Americans gave their lives, and it is our duty as Americans to remember the sacrifice they and their loved ones have made.

President Bush has declared Friday, Sept. 14, a National Day of Prayer and Remembrance. I suggest some people on this campus re-evaluate their priorities and observe this day. The behavior I witnessed Thursday evening was absolutely ridiculous and I am sorry to anyone else who had to see it.


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