Chancellor’s numerous blunders raise doubt

· Sep 14, 2001 Tweet

What is Chancellor John Wiley doing? Who hired this guy? He is trying to take away our beer, rob students of our humanity and make our fine institution look stupid. This man appears to be a puppet of public opinion who has no mind of his own.

His stance on or apparent stand against binge-drinking is laughable. We all know our culture will always involve mass binge-drinking. We party and will continue to party wherever we can afford to. He will never make any difference in this subject, and he knows it.

His confused, elusive explanation of our admissions policy makes us look even worse. Watching his awkward, disorganized explanation before the regents about how we admit students made me embarrassed for him. He basically concluded no court decision could influence our admissions policy because we use a bunch of factors in no particular order and fill up the enrollment. Or something like that.

Then he gives us the great comfort of knowing we are probably safe and should go on about our business, regardless of the fact the greatest American tragedy in 200 years was unfolding at the time. Nice call, John — with all that respect for human life, Christmas must be real special at your house.

You can call our generation apathetic, but just drop the ‘a’ from that word and that’s Wiley’s policies.

Finally, to top it off, the university puppet gets some heat for his idiotic stance and overreacts to his mistake by canceling the football game this weekend. Instead of saving face, he managed to really upset more people. You got it backward, John. Now is when we come together as a people and move on. All the guys on the team I’ve talked to want to play, and there really is no security threat.

I am not a member of the perpetually offended on this campus, but this bit of news put me over the top. You may be a good man, I have no idea, but your performance as chancellor shows you are not a good leader for our institution.

Editor’s note: After Chancellor Wiley’s decision, all Big Ten games were later canceled by the conference.


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