Attacks a reminder of sanctity of life

· Sep 14, 2001 Tweet

As the people of the world and of the United States react, mourn and heal after the recent tragic events, we need to keep in mind several things.

First of all, as other people have written, the United States itself has committed acts of terrorism through bombing, infiltration of governments, and sponsored coups. This in no way excuses the violence or explains away the pain of the attack, but should serve to remind us that every life is precious and we should value the lives of world’s population as much as we value those of Americans.

Secondly, we need to remember the Constitution. The media was quick to use catchphrases like “first strike in a war.” But Congress has not yet voted on war. All must remember, not only does an eye for an eye make the whole world blind, but it makes people continue to raise their children on a diet of hate.

We also need to remember, in our country made beautiful by immigrants from around the world, that this is not a time for racism and action against the people who love this country just as much as all other Americans. This is a time for compassion and understanding of differences.

Finally, the true heroes are not the various politicians that were sequestered in safety. They were the rescue workers, doctors, victims, the people who opened their home, who volunteered and gave blood, the people who offered sympathy and condolences, and the people that clogged the phone lines sending love, from this nation and across the world. We need to remember that the true hope and future lies in the people of this and every nation, and we need to act accordingly.

Lizz Wasserman
UW senior


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