UW’s insensitivity astounds

· Sep 13, 2001 Tweet

September 11, 2001, will forever be part of us. America awoke to see the worst human nature has to offer. A gruesome attack was waged on our citizens, our ideals, and our national soul. Televisions became windows to hell as we viewed horrific portraits we can only hope are never painted again. Thousands of our fellow Americans left us, taken away before their time in a hideous assault on freedom.

Unfortunately, the UW responded with business as usual. In a tasteless and disrespectful decision, classes continued on campus as they would any other Tuesday. Yes, we must move on and show our resolve, but we must also show compassion and regard for human life. Mothers and fathers went to work at the World Trade Center or Pentagon today, like any other day, only they will never return home to sons and daughters. The memory of these everyday heroes deserved so much more than an ordinary day from us. As citizens across our nation cried, attended special church services, or donated blood, we continued on as if this tragedy was nothing more than another news story.

The University of Wisconsin should be fostering civility and compassion, not promoting business as usual on one of the worst days in our nation’s history. On a day that should have been respectfully dedicated to the victims of cowardly terrorism, I feel ashamed for having attended class and going to work on campus. In the coming days, we must take it upon ourselves to pay the proper respects to our fallen countrymen and women. We must pray, hope, and help in any way possible, but we must never forget.


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