Ladies: Cover those midriffs

· Sep 13, 2001 Tweet

I disagree with Sara Machi’s assessment of sexism, and her solution. Her example of verbal harassment, while real, does not fit the legal definition of sexual harassment. If it did, it would not fall under freedom of speech. It is no surprise that her male friends do not view their verbal remarks as sexual harassment; they are not at work, and they are not interfering with the girl’s work. The man believes he is commenting on her nice body, particularly if she has so conveniently displayed it.

The proper solution: Do not display your bodies revealingly. If you are sick of “being verbally accosted every time” you “wear a low-cut blouse,” then I challenge you to consider why you wear such attire. Responding in crude fashion will not stop men from making such remarks. I challenge all women on campus to show respect for themselves and others by considering their daily wardrobe and dressing with purpose. If your purpose is to show off your body, then do not get upset when men notice, and accept their “compliments” as your reward for a fashion job well done.

Older sorority women should provide example to incoming recruits on dressing modestly, and discourage revealing clothing and rude language. Likewise, fraternity men should discipline themselves to refrain from lewd remarks every time they see a nice-looking girl. Both sexes must rise above rude comments and take responsibility for fostering dignity and respect between the sexes.


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