RE: Fighting first-day jitters: Stevens Point not lame

· Sep 10, 2001 Tweet

As a graduate of UW-Stevens Point with a journalism degree, I had to question Jamie Seiberlich’s comment regarding the reading of syllabi in class, especially her opinion that “[UW students] can’t be complete simpletons” and that “this isn’t Stevens Point or anything.

What exactly was she trying to say there? That the other schools in the UW system are the bottom of the barrel? Now that her credibility as a journalist is tarnished, perhaps she should try her hand at the best university for natural resources in the nation, if not the world, and see for herself that Point and the other UW schools are highly specialized in various fields.

What’s more, we didn’t have TAs handing out materials and our professors showed up for class.

And as for feeling like a kindergarten student by having a syllabus read aloud, the next time Ms. Seiberlich stuffs her course outline into a folder or textbook, she’d better be damned sure she’s not the first to ask how her grade is determined.


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