Liaisons of diversity

· Sep 6, 2001 Tweet

UW-Madison is the home of many things – world-class research, a legendary reputation for quality graduates, one of the best business schools in the nation – and it is now certain UW is home to a more dubious reputation: a campus newspaper with sensationalism as its goal. In the first printed copy of this school year, The Badger Herald blew the lid off of the Associated Students of Madison’s diversity liaisons – whew, thanks Herald! If the Herald didn’t call this out, who would!

But wait a second … the white-knight Herald and its infamous editorial board missed the point entirely. The liaison program is designed to create out-of-classroom educational experiences for all UW students. The largest aspect of the liaisons’ workload is to create a campus discussion on diversity issues and how different identities change the way that students experience UW. The argument that if you’re a “lesbian student of color” means you get five liaisons and its obvious implication that straight white men therefore get zero is erroneous, divisive and representative of poor journalism.

Its time for the Herald to clean up its act, research its articles and ditch the yellow journalism. Anything else would continue to tarnish UW’s reputation.

Joseph Laskowski
ASM School of Business representative


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