ASM gets it right … sort of

We here at the Herald have accomplished a rare, rare feat.

We underestimated ASM.

Of course to make this possible required an out-of-date (by months) web page and a confused chair who ?assumed? we knew as much about the inner workings of ASM as she did.

In yesterday?s editorial, we asked the hypothetical question, ?How does a normal student join student government??

The answer we found was disheartening: Applications for some of the best jobs on the Associated Students of Madison were due the day before classes started. According to the ASM website (which was quickly updated after our editorial), applications for Student Judiciary are past due, too.

As part of our editorial yesterday, we suggested ASM select its appointed SSFC and SJ members in the spring, when it?s easier to recruit would-be applicants. But between our questioning of ASM chair Jessica Miller on Tuesday and the publishing of our editorial on Wednesday, she remembered that ASM did pick people for these posts in the spring; however, they resigned over the summer, resulting in the current, rushed process.

While we?re a little embarrassed to have suggested a policy that?s already in place, we?re sure we?re not as embarrassed as our colleagues in student government.

Between the outdated ASM website, the ever-changing application deadlines, the resigning students and the complete breakdown in communication between ASM officials and students, we?ve got some more questions.


This article was published Sep 6, 2001 at 12:00 am and last updated Sep 6, 2001 at 12:00 am


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