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· Sep 5, 2001 Tweet

So you can catch a BB in the dark but you can’t catch a perfectly thrown pass that glances off your fingertips in one of the most important games of the season? Please give me some kind of excuse for this blunder at the end of the game on Saturday night. Maybe your hands were mysteriously replaced by wooden paddles just moments before the play took place. Or perhaps your concentration was hindered by thoughts of big-screen TVs or apparel from The Shoe Box.

On the athletic department’s website, it states that you are “an electrifying playmaker.” Dropping passes that could have set up a game-tying field goal is not a good way to solidify this lofty title. This game was in the national spotlight and UW deserved to win. Senior leadership is important to every team, and with the Badgers as young as they are, it is more important than ever. Well, one of UW’s supposed senior leaders definitely let the team down.

Nick Halstead, UW junior


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