All’s well that ends well.

Or so it goes with the student regent appointment process.

Earlier this week, Gov. McCallum nominated UW-Whitewater student government president Tommie Jones to be the next student representative on the all-powerful UW Board of Regents, the governing body for the UW System.

Since the student regent is the most important student in Wisconsin, we have closely watched the governor?s nomination process (or lack thereof) for the last couple of months. To recap: The governor initially neglected to actively recruit applicants and was about to appoint Jones. Then, much to our pleasant surprise, McCallum restarted the process, actively recruiting another 12 candidates, only for Jones to re-emerge as the favorite.

While we’re sure the befuddled process caused headaches around the state, we’re pleased with how everything worked out. The most qualified and go-getting candidate got the nod. And, having gone through a grilling two rounds of nominations, his presence on the board will carry with it a weight that Regent Joe Alexander always lacked.

Jones will attend his first meeting Thursday morning, where he’ll have to make a quick — yet crucial — vote on the tuition hike. If he’s looking for some advice, it’s in today’s other editorial.

We’ll just offer him our hearty congratulations here.