The University of Wisconsin System will likely reopen in the fall, the UW System president announced.

In a statement last month, UW System President Ray Cross “fully expects” UW schools to reopen in the fall, but he’s not sure whether or not in-person instruction will resume.

The method of reopening might depend on the System’s ability to test students and staff for COVID-19, Cross said, but already, officials with everything from dining, housing and athletics have started planning the reopening.

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The UW System announced last month a new task force called the Plan Ahead Team which will review options for reopening. This task force includes everything from university officials to health experts.

“We are thinking through the many factors that will help us determine how we deliver essential academic instruction this fall and what services, activities and experiences we can offer,” Cross said. “This team will help us know all of our choices in the months ahead so our decision this summer best protects our students and ensures we are delivering a quality education.”

At a University Committee meeting last month, UW-Madison campus officials discussed instruction for the fall. They’re pursuing three plans — one with all online instruction, one with all in-person instruction and one with a mix of both.

UW-Madison will announce by July 10 which plan they’ve chosen.