University of Wisconsin students, faculty and administration are signing a petition they hope will signal to state legislators their disapproval of a bill that would allow concealed carry on all UW campuses.

Experts worry campus concealed carry won’t mix with UW drinking cultureIn many states across the country, legislation that allows concealed carry, a license which grants an individual the ability to Read…

Republicans lawmakers have been planning to push the bill, which would prohibit the university from banning firearms on campus, in the new session January. Legislators introduced the bill last session, but it failed to pass.

The Associated Students of Madison Legislative Affairs Committee started the petition in response to the possibility of the legislation coming up again next session.

Other states, including Texas, have passed similar legislation.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said on Fox News a law like Texas’ would probably have prevented this week’s shooting at Ohio State University.

“It’s instances like this where kids on campus could have guns, where they could have been able to respond initially,” Abbott said. “I think that on a college campus like here in Texas, people will think twice before waging an attack like this knowing that they could be gunned down immediately.”