Wisconsin’s election system ranks among the most efficient in the country, according to a statement from the state’s Government Accountability Board.

While the majority of states across the nation have improved their electoral process, Wisconsin was determined to have the third best election process in the United States  by the Pew Center on the States — trailing only South Dakota and Minnesota.

The Pew study, which used “public reports and academic research” to make its claims. The study gathered information from every state over the course of multiple election cycles, using 17 measures in determining the proficiency of a state’s elections, according to the GAB.

According to the statement, Wisconsin had one of the highest voter turnout rates from 2008 to 2012 and also offered voting information lookup tools on the GAB website. Wisconsin was also commended for its short voting lines in comparison to other states.

“I think Wisconsin, despite having a lot of voting related issues, still tends to have pretty decent elections,” Jay Heck, executive director of Common Cause in Wisconsin, said.

Despite Wisconsin’s A- grade, the report also highlighted several areas where the state election system could see improvement, including by establishing an online voting registration system and drawing more votes from Wisconsinites overseas.

A bill to establish online voter registration was approved by the Wisconsin Assembly in 2013 but did not gain traction in the Senate.

“For a state to have online voter registration is no longer cutting edge,” GAB spokesperson Reid Magney said. “Twenty states now have online voter registration. It’s safe and efficient.”