The Tammy Baldwin campaign conducted a conference call yesterday evening to provide students with the opportunity to ask the campaign about many of the deciding issues in the upcoming U.S. Senate election.

Campaign spokesperson John Krause answered students’ questions about the campaign efforts directed at young voters.

He noted over the past year Baldwin has focused particularly on reaching out to young voters.

He added Baldwin offered a provision in Obamacare that allowed young people to stay on their parents’ insurance plans until 26 years of age. This allowed most young people to have coverage that they would not normally have, Krause said.

“On the issues of higher education and healthcare, there could not be a bigger contrast between the candidates,” Krause said. “Tommy Thompson had been silent on his view of student loans, and in terms of healthcare he has made it clear that he wants Obamacare repealed entirely, leaving six million people with no coverage.”

In response to how Baldwin will benefit women if elected, Krause said Baldwin is supportive of the measure that put an end to big insurance companies charging women up to fifty percent more than men.

“Thompson would completely repeal the Affordable Care Act and allow insurance and drug companies to write their own rules,” Krause said. “Baldwin thinks Obama should be allowed to make these personal health decisions for themselves. Baldwin will help fight discrimination against women.”

Krause said Thompson finds it acceptable to allow employers to determine whether or not a woman can receive proper healthcare, such as cervical cancer screenings, mammograms and birth control.

“Throughout his campaign, Thompson has made it clear that he is stuck in the past,” Krause said. “If he wins the Senate seat, he would cut taxes for millionaires and raise taxes for the middle class. He would rip up the current healthcare system, and the last thing we need is to be without healthcare for four years.”

Krause concluded by pointing out Baldwin has been “working across the aisle” for fourteen years.

Jeff Snow, chairman of the College Republicans, disagreed Baldwin has done a good job of working across party lines, stating that Baldwin “does not even know what across the aisle is.” He noted Baldwin has voted with her own party 98 percent of the time, and he called her the most liberal member of U.S. Congress.

Snow stressed Thompson is a much better example of how to work with Republicans and Democrats alike.

“Thompson created 750,000 jobs in the state of Wisconsin when he was governor. And he worked across the aisle to create a welfare system that former President Bill Clinton wound up using at a national level,” Snow said.

Snow said the cost of a college education needs to be lowered, and then there will be less need for government aid.

“If left up to Baldwin, the government would simply throw more grants at students,” Snow said. “She is not addressing the rising cost of education, which is misleading to students.”