Two student groups were found to have violated rules of the Student Services Finance Committee at its meeting Thursday night.

There were three violations found, two of which violated the end-of-the-year report deadline, which was due by noon, Aug. 21, 2009.

The group Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlan, which, according to their website, aims to “expose the concerns of Chicanos to the campus and to promote the importance of higher education amongst the Chicano community,” turned in their end-of-the-year report two days late.

According to SSFC Chair Brandon Williams, their entire report was turned in late due to one of their student leaders being away on a study abroad program.

Currently, the group receives $63,250 from General Student Services Funding. Their funding is now frozen and will not be granted again until a letter of apology is received, along with a letter of explanation for the occurrence and a plan of action for the future.

The other group to violate the deadline was the Student Tenant Union, which receives $4,676 from GSSF. The group has yet to turn in the report. Their funding will also be frozen until the report is in, along with the other restrictions that were enforced on MECha.

Not only did the Student Tenant Union fail to turn in the report, they also were found to overpay one employee by $92. In addition, they will have to pay back that money before they can get their funding back.

No funding eligibility hearings were held for any student groups at this meeting, but a meeting Sept. 10 will include eligibility hearings for the groups Sex Out Loud and GUTS, which is a student tutorial group.