The two persons involved in the use of a stolen credit card at Walgreens on Capitol Square this week have been tentatively charged with financial transaction card crimes and receiving stolen property.

Robert Miracle, 27, and Ashley Gibson, 18, are tentatively charged for intentionally stealing a credit card issued to Katherine Lonnborg, 21, a University of Wisconsin student.

Lonnborg was at Madison Avenue on University Avenue the morning her card was stolen, states a criminal complaint. The thief was not identified.

According to a police report, Miracle attempted to purchase cigarettes from Walgreens at 9:45 a.m. Sunday using the card issued in Lonnborg’s name. Miracle said the card belonged to his girlfriend, but he was denied his purchase.

Joel DeSpain, spokesperson for the Madison Police Department, said Gibson walked into the store prior to Miracle and asked to purchase cigarettes with the same credit card. The clerk asked for her identification, but it did not match the name on the card.

“They were able to determine several of the people who tried to use the credit card several times,” DeSpain said.

MPD officer Susan Krause was dispatched to the site and watched digital footage of the fraudulent use of the credit card, the complaint stated. However, both suspects had fled from the Walgreens by the time she arrived at the scene.

Capitol Police found both Miracle and Gibson in the basement of the Wisconsin State Capitol when they saw a homeless-looking man go into the basement with a Starbucks coffee, pastry and other purchases, DeSpain added.

“People who don’t have homes often congregate there,” DeSpain said, referencing the basement of the Capitol.

Miracle told MPD officer Paul Daley a man named Mike gave him the credit card to buy a watch and cigarettes because Mike didn’t want to go out into the cold, according to the complaint. Miracle added, “he really didn’t think about” who the card belonged to.

Gibson told Krause she was residing at the Salvation Army and a woman lent her the card to use.

Gibson, who is seven weeks pregnant and ill with the flu at the time of the offense, said the woman willingly agreed to let her use the card.

Also arrested were Dustin Wendell, 19, tentatively charged with identity theft, and Dietrich Jones, 18, charged with obstructing a police officer.

If convicted, both Miracle and Gibson can be fined up to $10,000 and imprisoned for no more than six years.